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We can't get enough of Artifex Mundi titles around these parts, every month or so the team release another title from their huge back catalogue of games, and as normal we either review the title or perform a walkthrough for the games achievements. In Path of Greed: Sin we guide you through every step of the journey be it playing on easy or hard. We also show you where everything is in the Hidden object scenes as well as all collectibles and the fastest way through the puzzles.

All this means......
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We got to try out JanduSoft's latest title, Psychedelic horror title Ellen - The Game. Which sees the hero entering upon a once beloved mansion as he goes on a search to find what he believes to be a missing girl named Ellen. You can watch our entire gameplay footage over two sessions below, as well as that we show you exactly how to get all of the games achievements whilst you are at it. What is not to enjoy about that?

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We recently got to go hands on with the newest title from Playtonic and Team 17, the follow up to hugely successful Yooka-Laylee. Having been stripped back a tad since the first game, how does the sequel stack up in comparison? Come check out what Marc had to say as you can see his time playing the game here.
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Marc takes on an hour of Greedfall, However is the title any good, does his facial expressions give much away about the gameplay. Let us find out with the first hour of the title!

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Marc takes on the first game in our newest feature First Hour Fridays. Where you guessed it every Friday he plays the first hour of a title we give him to play. First up is Strength of the Sword: Ultimate. Watch the video below to see what he thought and judge for yourself if you think this is a title you may want to pick up and play.

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Developer - Kylotonn Games
Publisher - BigBen Interactive
Release Date - 10th September 2019
Price - $59.99

WRC 8 brings with it yet another new season of pure rally racing, as well as some new features and a slight overhaul to the game play, but if truth be told this is the first WRC game our team has played since Milestone left development duties. Having played some of Kilotons other works in the past, be it Truck Racer or Motorcycle Club you can forgive us for why we always tended to......
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Publisher:  Manufacture 43
Developer:    Manufacture 43
Players: 1
Genre: Shmup
Launch Date: July 24th, 2019
Price:  £12.49/$14.99
When we got offered the chance to review Manufacture 43’s newest offering Pawarumi at first we didn’t know a whole bunch about it apart from early release trailers that had been shown off. We knew it was a frantic ball’s to the wall shooter of some kind but we had no idea it was a shoot em up. Inspired by Cave games of old with a western view and......
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Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Developer: Artifex Mundi
Players: 1 Player
Genre: Hidden Item Puzzle Games
Launch Date: 13th June 2019
Price:  £14.99 or $14.99

Hidden item puzzle games. They have never been on my radar and in my honest opinion, I firmly believe that these should be firmly in the domain of smartphones and tablets and that they don’t really have a place on home consoles. I’d maybe even stretch to a PC, but not Xbox or Playstation machines.

I know what you’re......
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